Friday, February 11, 2011

The Birthday Party

Before Gideon was born Zurich and I were talking about his birth. Zurich had some funny things to say. One conversation went like so:

Zurich was cuddling on the couch with me this morning rubbing my belly. We were talking about the baby. Zurich said "When baby is born they cut the pooh."
"They cut the umbilical cord; it's not pooh, I guess it looks like it though."-c
"And then they stir and stir the pooh." -z
"No, there is no pooh!"-c
"Baby brother has no bum!?"-z
Well, that's jumping to conclusions don't you think!?

In the beginning of January Zurich asked me when his baby brother will be here.
I told him that it wasn't his birthday yet.
Then he asked me if we could have cake on "baby broder's birfday"
That made perfect sense to me. And thanks to his Uncle Cim it was arranged nicely so when the kids came the next day to visit us in the hospital we had some football themed cupcakes to have a party with. We did just have a birthday after all!

Thanks Uncle Cim. Zurich really liked the cupcakes and the neato toys on them too. :)


  1. "they stir and stir the pooh"???? lol where does he come up with this stuff?!

  2. I love this post! You always have and always will amaze me Coretta! And what an awesome uncle! That Cim is a pretty good fellow! Congrats again.