Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Birthdays!

Last Friday was Gary's 31st birthday. He thought it would be awesome to have the baby on his birthday. I had told a friend that the 4th or the 10th was when I expected the little boy to come, just due to my history of having babies 5 days early... so depending if we went off the due date or the latest ultrasound due date is where the 4th or 10th came from.

Friday I woke up with a plan since I knew I was going to have the baby soon there were a few things I wanted done, such as making bread and making dinner for Gary so he wouldn't have to cook on his birthday. So when he called at 5:30 and was slow leaving work and still had some shopping to do I was bummed. I had also been on my feet for the majority of the day and all though the bread and the dinner was made, when he suggested picking up Papa Johns on the way home I didn't protest. Saurkraut Soup is always better the next day anyway.

So knowing we had more time I got a bit more adventurous with the kids and took them down to the studio to let them make cards for Gary. In the process I broke my C plate for my Cuttlebug, trying to hurry things along before Nev started ripping all the hearts in half. Zurich was very excited for the "cake" part of the birthday and kept talking about the "ghost cake" as he made his card.

We brought up the cards and set the table. I had finally found the photos I had printed out for Gary's new wallet and included them. Once again, I was giving him an IOU card. I owed him skiing for his birthday.

About 6:30 my water leaked, but I wasn't having any contractions that were consistent or concerning so I kept that information to myself and figured we'd go ahead with the birthday celebrations. Gary got home and we ate and then he and the kids played together while we waited for his parents to arrive. I sat back and watched and kept a quiet eye on the contractions.

When Gary's parents arrived I warned his Mom, "I'm pretty sure we're having the baby this weekend."
We ate Gary's carrot cake... Zurich wasn't as excited about that kind of cake, for the record.

About halfway through my cake I leaned over to Gary and said, "After this we better go to the hospital."
"I had a water leak."
"Ya pretty sure."
"You're serious? When?"
"A while ago, like 6:30 or something."
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"It wasn't relevant at the time. I wasn't having contractions and I was hungry."

As we gathered stuff up he kept saying, "You bad kid. Why didn't you tell me?"

After he read his card I said, "I did get you something but it isn't here yet speaking of Gideon and what I had ordered from Amazon." Ya, I can be cryptic like that.

We headed to the hospital and Gary, knowing that I would want it later took this pic.

Can I tell you how happy I was to see that little ph strip turn blue? We were checked into a room at midnight. I told Gary to take a nap, I'd let him know when I needed him.

However, contractions weren't doing much even though they had fully ruptured my membranes... so we started oxytocin at 2 am. I took notes of the evening up to that point on my ipod touch and then finished tatting a wreath (after having to untat, because I wasn't paying enough attention during an uncomfortable contraction).

At 2:30 I transitioned to the ball, and contractions started to hurt.

During transition I picked up my tatting again in between contractions. I had a goal to finish a Lucky Shamrock for Gideon before he was born. I did it too. :) Yup kid, you can tell them that your mom was tatting while you were being birthed... er something.

At 3:10 I was ready to have the baby. However, Gideon had a pretty large cranium and even larger shoulders so it took some work and a little time. So Gary didn't get to share his birthday, but pretty darn close!

He is the biggest baby so far. Just out doing his big brother by 1 oz, and 1 inch. Their heads both measured 37 cm. Happy Birthday Gary!

Our midwife was awesome. I love the midwives at the New Beginnings Clinic in Orem.

Gideon after his first bath.

Hospital mug shot

Gideon with his Lucky Shamrock

Gideon was ten days early and measured large for his gestational age and had low blood sugar, which was monitored but by the time we left the hospital it was all good.


  1. you tatted. during. transition. ? what in the world!! I can understand up UNTIL transition....what's your secret?!

  2. Congrats!!! We are really excited for you. He is a keeper. I am very impressed that you were tatting.

    Erin and Stan

  3. You are fantastic Coretta! Thanks for sharing, I love to hear how brave and wonderful you are at everything. And whoever thought of using those exercise balls during labor was a genius.