Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Who peels their grapefruit? Anyone who is serious about eating it without sugar, I'll venture to say. And it is so delicious! However, it is a LOT of work.

Well, I have shared my love for Key lime juice, now, I also really love grapefruit, especially while pregnant with my last child, Gideon. As it happens I had a craving for the two together.

Back when I was on bed rest my mom peeled an entire bag of grapefruit from Costco and put it in Tupperware in the fridge for me, so I could have it when ever the craving struck me.

This is love folks.

While I do really like grapefruit...

I'm talking about my mom and her love for me. There are so many ways that we can show our love, real love, not that sentiment that is only expressed on contrived holidays such as Valentine's Day. My mom chose to share it, not only by watching my kids with my dad and taking care of all the meals and clean-up while I was on bed rest and Gary was in FL on his last trip, but also by standing at the sink for who knows how long peeling me a bunch of grapefruit.


  1. sheesh! ya, another manifestation that mom loves me least. And I freaking love grapefruit too, but I have never thought of peeling it! I think that'd be a lot more enjoyable than trying to dig it out.

  2. That IS love! I prefer eating grapefruit peeled, but I don't even make the attempt to peel it 'cause it either goes horribly wrong, or it just takes too darn long.

    Oh, your mama's wonderful!