Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Warning: this post contains no pictures. Get over it. It has some links to pictures though. :)

There are lots of things we do in life. Some of them, or most of them go unnoticed and lots of those unnoticed things are the things that keep life running. That's okay.

There are also lots of loosing battles we choose to fight... or at least play at. I'm sure you can think of plenty of them in your own life in hobbies, parenting, life, etc.

My Tatties, is probably one of those, I likely will never make enough money to have a viable business out of it. That's okay. I do it because I think it is a good idea, because I like to do it and because I believe in the quality and value of what I do. The other day my Dad had somethings to say about the business end of it, how it was probably a loosing battle, because of the time and love I invest in it. While monetarily that may be true, it isn't true for the validation and the joy I get out of doing it. Sometimes, someone really gets it and loves them at least half as much as I do, and for that it is worth it. Also being able to do something and create something is a thrill, that I think we all need to experience that on whatever level of creativity we entertain. I love to be able to teach people to tat. Or to share with them the things that I am able to create. I sell them because I do have to recoup some cost and because lots of people have encouraged me to do so. I love the challenge of creating a new pattern and now have quite a few that I can call my own.

At different stages of my life different avenues of creativity, or the ability to use my skills have presented themselves and I have enjoyed the opportunities. Aside from tatting I love to edit photos, design, create wedding announcements, sew, draw, paint, knit, crochet, ceramics, re-purpose/ renew and learn more about all these options and have the opportunities to share my skills or exercise them.

We all do something that internally brings us joy. But it doesn't hurt to have outside validation. I never took on a job that implemented my Bachelor's Degree in the formal sense. So when I get an opportunity to do a graphic design job, it is a thrill for me. It is a form of validation that most people get when they are hired to do a job in their field.

I chose to be a mom first and so my validation in this way comes in small doses. A freelance job here, a Tattie sale there, a well received gift... That's fine. I enjoy what I chose.


  1. I like this. I feel like if I say much it will ruin it. :) warm fuzzies.

  2. You do enough with typefaces and colors that pictures are not always necessary :) still pretty on many levels.