Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little Determination

Recently Zurich and Nev have taken to sneaking off and playing in the garage.

...and yes, I drew on some shirts for my little girl since she often refuses to wear them in real life and I love and protect her.

So a few days ago I flipped the door knobs around because one side was a lever and one was a bulb. Nev can't get the bulbs open yet. Of course Zurich still can but it slowed them down a bit. I was going to put on a safety knob cover but couldn't find one yet. There was one on the front door already.

Thursday I had to pick Olea up from the bus stop and Gary was working at home. Zurich wanted to come with me and I was stressed about him coming because he couldn't find his shoes and then Nev would want to come and I couldn't get her to keep clothes on. And if I wasnt there waiting when the bus happened to stop then I would have to go to the school to pick her up. Gary said to just go. I said, "But Zurich will follow me." Gary encouraged me again to "just go."

After picking Olea up we headed home. As soon as we could see our street I also saw two unwelcome sights in the middle of the road: Nev, in only a pull up and no shoes of course and her enabling big brother who had found some shoes.

As we got closer I noticed the garage door wide open and my concern was confirmed. Gary was not with them and completely oblivious to their escape.

How did he do it? A little Zurich determination is all it takes. First he found his shoes, then he opened the house garage door, then he retrieved a stool, when that wasn't tall enough he emptied and flipped over one of the recycling buckets. Stool to bucket and he could reach the garage door button. Their escape route was clear.

This road is pretty dangerous some people really barrel down it, and there are the heavy fern trucks going all the time. I feel blessed the road was so clear for them at this time.

So when I got home I multiplied my efforts to find the safety knob. So for now they are safe...

from that...

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  1. yipes! so glad everything turned out okay! wow, that zurich sure is going to keep you running for life, isn't he? (good thing your kids are so cute ;)