Saturday, May 21, 2011


Tonight we attended a dinner and silent auction to raise money for the young women in our ward to attend Girl's camp.

Gary found this:
Gary with batman mask

And said he was buying it for Zurich but we know the truth!

as a side note, Nev ate her dinner on his shirt...

I donated some Tatties and bid on a few items too, some pretties and services.

Afterward we took the kids to a cute little candy shop so they could pick out a treat for taking a nap this afternoon. I saw these, and was nostalgic and a little shocked.

I didn't think they could sell these anymore. I did not, of course, direct the kids' attention to them but pointed them out to Gary.

The kids of course got those ridiculously large lollipops that will sit on the counter for the next week till the kids forget about them enough that I can throw the sticky remains away. Gary and I had agreed before hand that we wouldn't let them get a candy that would sit on the counter for the next week... for some reason that went out the window when we went in the door of the shop.
Lesson learned... maybe.

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