Monday, May 16, 2011

my budding photographers...

So tonight I was looking through the camera pictures... and lo and behold....
Zurich and Nev had had more than one photo session all on their own-sies!
Not surprising.
At all.
Here is some of their awesome talented work:

The first line is awesome, because it shows how Nev gets up on the counter.
The rest of it proves that Zurich is a little liar when he says Nevy was the one playing with the camera when I find it with finger prints on it, or the memory card in it backwards.
Well, some of the time... Nev just hasn't figured out how to turn it on AND take a picture.

I just put the one of Nev's Bed head as my desktop.

Nice. That will freak Gary out.

I think this post is the fault of what's his face "Special Agent Oso," for teaching my kid to take a picture with "MOM's CAMERA" nice one. Too bad, Zurich didn't learn the tip about keeping his finger out of the lens.

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  1. That bed head is astounding! You seem pretty calm about the camera. That is the part that would freak me out. Hands off childrens!