Thursday, May 26, 2011

So, my kid is better than yours...

Essentially when any parent brags about their kid, that's what we are saying, let's be honest...
not because we really think our kid is better, but because our kid brings us so much joy more so than someone elses kid, doing the same stuff would do. It's kinda a pride moment.

So here's a story about a little girl I am proud of.

So, it might not be hard to pass the first Grade, most of the time. But it seems like a pretty big deal here. :) Today was Olea's "end of year celebration" at school. She was one of three kids that doesn't have to go to summer school. So it is not a "graduation." And end of year reading was supposed to be level 16-18 and she's a 24.
We had a rough start to reading so this is thrilling for me.

So here are some pics from her "end of year celebration" ... I am once again thinking of the interchange between Bob and Helen on Incredibles...

Olea holds Nevy Olea and Ms. Tello, the reading mastery teacher. Olea just loves her.

Cast introductions, Olea curtsied instead of bowing. How cute is that?

(While snacking afterward, a lady told me, "Four? Oh that's enough, you gotta stop."
didn't ask for her opinion. Gary was like, "Don't be offended: you agree with her." He's right and I'm not offended, but seriously, that's not her call to make. I should probably get used to it though.)

After it was over I checked her out and we went to a friend's for a pool party. Good stuff. It's nice to be able to get to know some people outside of church setting. Gary got home from his trip just a few minutes before us and had a bouquet for Olea. He felt bad he missed her special day. She was so thrilled with the flowers, and the princess balloon that came with them. She was so excited that it was all hers. She was sweet though and said she'd share a flower or two with me. (I didn't take her up on it.)


  1. one of three? yikes! go olea!

    um, i totally disagree with the bragging thing. i think you can rave about your child without saying they are BETTER than other kids.

    then again, your kid may be able to read good (zoolander anyone?) but my kid kicks trash in cartwheels.


  2. I know Morg, I was teasing. I think maybe we are just saying they are better than we had hoped. :) I am certain Ellie is better at cartwheels AND can read... I can't quote Zoolander back at you, but I can appreciate it. :D

  3. Holy crap, I can hardly believe that Olea's almost 7. (I mean, I know that's how it goes--she's just a few months younger than Jackson, but still.)

    WOW, Olea being one of three who won't have to take summer school...that's NUTS! Usually it's the other way around--just a handful have to do it. What's that all about? -Anyway, so glad that Olea's such a smarty-pants!

    And that lady who told you you're done with children...I just don't understand why people keep on talking and saying ANYTHING that comes to their mind...