Sunday, May 18, 2008

Change of Plans

This weekend didn't go at all as planned, but still things are shaping up decently.

Thursday Olea was sick and couldn't keep anything down. I could tell something was really wrong because all she did was lay around and nap all day. Anyone who knows her knows this is highly uncommon behavior. I thought I would give it 24 hours make sure it wasn't just some passing stomach bug. Friday morning after getting her out of the bath I had her lay on her back and I started poking around on her stomach. She started crying when I poked her lower right side. I called Gary, "I think Olea has appendicitis." "WOAH, wait, what makes you say that?" He said I am typically right about such things and he just wasn't ready for such a deal. I took her to her pediatrician and kept my mouth shut about what I thought and come to find out they agreed with me. We were sent to the closest hospital, and were there for quite a while.
Poor kiddo, they tried the IV twice. She was quite dehydrated by then, (not my fault, every thing she ate she vomited) they did some blood tests and an ultrasound.
They had this cute little wheel chair that she rode in for the ultrasound and I got a picture of it but it was on Gary's cell phone and I didn't realize I had to tell it to save the picture so we don't have it. :( This is the best I have.She was really being a sweetheart. She got a cute blanket and a bear from Project Lynus. She has really taken to them. We were going to get her into surgery but then found out that the surgeon couldn't/wouldn't operate on kids under 5 so she was ambulanced to Primary Children's where she waited in the ER for over an hour. But they turned on the lights and sirens and everything. Much waiting around she finally went into surgery at 11:30 (friday night). It only took about 45 mins and about that long to wake her up. The surgeon said it had ruptured. Who knows when. Could have been two to three days with how far it had progressed. So that means a longer hospital stay. 4-10 days. As of today she started on liquids and is doing really well. Today she was getting kinda ornery, not that I blame her. However, she has been a really good girl, all considered.
Gary's parents were coming down this weekend anyway so it turned out great, since I didn't have any milk stored for Zurich, so I need to be with him. So Gary's Mom has been with Olea most of the time. I stayed with her last night but needed to be home to take care of Zurich so Gary's mom will stay with her tonight. She sure enjoys having Grandma there, it is also nice that Grandma happens to be a nurse and so she's getting that extra care. When I went I brought her colored pencils and a new princess coloring book. She was really happy about that. She is making great progress. They did the surgery laprascopically so Olea and I will have twinner scars. She is all cute and swollen with fluids currently so she looks a lot pudgier than she is. Her little belly is all poochy.
Every thing is better when Daddy is holding you. Gary is all grubby from working on the basement. We can't keep the supplies in the garage forever and since we can't all be there with her we might as well make progress where we can. Besides, Olea wants the basement "fixed and pretty like the rest of the house."


  1. Poor little thing! Not such a fun weekend; I'm happy that your mother in law was there to help! Geez, how stressful was THAT?! I had my appendix removed when I was 1.5; my mom had this feeling I had appendicitis and the docs thought she was crazy..."babies don't get appendicitis" they said. Welp, something has to be said for mother's intution, eh?! My thoughts are with you and yours! LOVIES!

  2. wow. good call. I wouldn't have been that on top of knowing what it was. I realized while I was reading that post that I was making a pouty face. It's sad when your lil ones are not feeling well.