Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Tell All: Graduation

I'll talk about my college graduation, cause that's most recent. I graduated from BYU with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. My associates degree is from BYU-Idaho it is technically a degree in Science because they weren't giving associates degrees in Graphic Design at the time. Though that's a more accurate description of my degree. I missed the festivities of my Associates degree Graduation because I was getting married to Gary. I graduated in August 2005 after taking a semester off for having our little Olea and not taking a semester off after having a major surgery. Somehow with my memory and such impaired by a total thyroidectomy I managed to pass Statistics and my other courses in time to graduate and walk with Gary (who graduated in April). Gary's parents came down and my mom and little brother. Right after graduation we got down to business to move from the armpit that is Provo to Orem. We were pretty serious about getting out of Provo as soon as we were graduated. We moved to a nice duplex that we really enjoyed. Those who could stuck around and helped us move. My sister watched kids while Gary's parents helped us move stuff in. We lived there till last year when we bought our house. It was a busy day but we got all that we wanted accomplished. We were finally free of BYU. :) For all of you out there who LOVE BYU, good for you. We just don't so much. Looking at these pictures, Gosh, I was skinny after that surgery.


  1. heck yes you were! Were you even that skinny in High School? Anyway, I like your dress :) We had similar sleeves to our dresses. That is all. :)

  2. no I was about 5-15 lbs heavier in High school (depending on if it was track season or not). Thyroid levels can affect weight levels as you can see those pics I was about 120. Ghastly, I think, on me.