Wednesday, May 28, 2008

tat is tat

I tat.
Now you know.
I have a problem. I like to learn. I want to be able to do everything. I have to admit, most things I can learn and do quite well. The problem is that in order to do all these different things I have to have all sorts of supplies. I have a LOT of supplies. It drives my husband crazy at times. Times like when we were loading all my stuff out of the basement into the garage so we could finish our basement. Every time we have to move he gets frustrated. But I am always there to remind him that all these things come in handy. And he agrees as he is lugging out a 50 lb box of illustration board and matte board etc.

I feel left handed now that all my stuff, or rather a large portion of it is tucked away in a pile in the garage. I feed off of my hobbies. Today I wanted to make a birthday card for a friend and had to plow through a bunch of boxes to get to my card supplies. Oh but it was worth it. It was fun and Olea and I had a punch fest. She got adhesive tape on the carpet and my chair mat, thank goodness for Goo Gone (it also works on crayon and most pen on textiles).

Between sewing, knitting, crocheting, tatting, card making, crafties, graphic design and all sorts of mediums of art supplies including stained glass and pottery I have a lot of supplies. That is why Gary is so excited to finish our basement. It is also why I am so excited for it to be finished. We are using what would have been a bedroom to make an art studio for me. The coolest part is that when he took down the insulation we found a drain plumbed in already. Could anything have been more perfect? I think not. So my fancy room will also have a sink. The world is a good place. This weekend we get our first inspection on the basement progress. We have it framed, the electrical is done, the venting is done, the bathroom fan, and most of the plumbing. Gary has to bust out the shower drain and move it over, the dummies put it in too far into the room.

So what is tatting you ask? It is pretty. It's lacey. Intricate and fun.
It's something that I can keep in my purse and pull out while waiting for a doc apt or during a car ride (when I am not driving that is). It's "an ancient art" according to my husband's niece. Similar to crochet, I suppose, it's a lace making technique. I generally make little ornaments or card embellishments or bookmarks. I have grand aspirations to make a runner for our table or dresser, but that's a big project with such a little knot. I'm just made a bookmark since I gave mine to my mother in law, and am making another one. A different pattern this time. Tat is Tat.

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  1. Geez, could you even BE any more talented? I basically suck at the artsy stuff. And sometimes it makes me sad. I'd LOVE to be able to create these beautiful things but I just can't do it. It's not my bad attitude either; at least, not entirely. I go into these things with grand aspirations; but doing wee things with my fingers typically comes out bust.

    Okay, I can make cute cards. If I have the right supplies. Which I don't...

    I'm glad you tat.