Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Every time this day rolls around I seem to be in the worst shape. Tired, cranky, and impatient and not feeling like a good mom at all. But while trying to take a nap I couldn't sleep because of the feelings I had experienced earlier in the day. So instead I expressed it the way I know how to. As a note my mother's favorite flowers are carnations.

Today, I got a carnation
I thought of you
and the stem, Zurich
promptly broke in two

My patience wearing thin
Cleaning up one handed
too much lost sleep
and fuzzies in my head

Carrying far too much
And trying to quell Olea’s fit
Answering unending questions
And teaching other kids not to hit

I didn’t want to be grumpy
And tried real hard not to cry
But Olea spazzed out
And hit me in the eye

And I thought of you
Your sympathy
When last we visited
Overwhelmed me

You may not be the perfect mother
I’m certainly not
But from you
I learned a lot

Contriving new discipline
And things to play
As a mom, I think of you
More than just the days in May

I got a carnation
It was pink
So of you, Mom
It made me think

Because you’ve been there
And you know
About every hard day
And I love you so


  1. Cute. I like that you can write poetry. I try. Sometimes it comes out well. I'm sure your momma will like it.

    And you're a better mother than you think. :)

  2. Hey. Just another thing we have in common. Swell poem. You should enter it on I did back in high school at SV and I got two published and one got editor's choice award. So I assume you gave your mom that poem right? :) Happy Mother's Day!