Friday, August 15, 2008

Because He REALLY Loves Me

Because he really loves me
he sends me flowers
because he notices
how I'm growing to love it
gerbers and callas because he knows
they are my favorite

Because he really loves me
he braves it all
the unknown, the dangerous
dirty, and heavy
because he knows
it makes me happy to create
he builds a place for me
works everyday for me

Because he really loves me
a nap
he gives me, keeps them quiet
even if he's been up just as late
because he knows my fuzzy brain
and wants me happy
lives what I told him
Because he really loves me


  1. Aw! How very sweet! I'm so glad that you and Gary found each other; a perfect couple, in my opinion...

    Also, just wanted to pass along the info that Aaron and Amy finally have a blog!

    Just in case you wanted to know. :)