Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Tell All-Back to school

This year Olea starts a neighborhood preschool. 5 kids. 5 moms and we all take turns teaching for the week. Olea is very excited for "friends preschool."

Growing up we didn't really have the big deal over buying school clothes because we didn't really have a lot of excess for frilly new clothes we got what we needed and made do. I don't remember feeling all that deprived but I know sometimes I wished I had a week's worth of new outfits rather than just one or two days. I know I generally didn't wear something new the first day. I figured everyone would be so concerned with their new clothes they wouldn't notice if I had new ones or not. I was generally right. School was just the end of the summer. What I liked the most was new mechanical pencils and a binder full of clean paper. I love office supplies, good thing I get such a kick out of them because that was the new things I got in highest quantity. :)

Olea starts "friends preschool" next week.

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  1. We are doing a friends preschool too. OUrs actually cost money. DARN! It is called JOy school. STan is really into office supplies. When stan was in college it seemed we spent more on office supplies than books. :)