Monday, August 25, 2008

six man tent?

So this last weekend we went camping. This would have been just fine... if Zurich was okay. He's still not sleeping, recently a trip to the doc showed he was loosing weight instead of gaining, and he is likely actually hungry and that is why he wakes up some nights. I was encouraged to nurse him at night because of this. He was also put on some meds to hopefully help him gain weight since the diagnosis sheet for the blood work listed "failure to thrive" and "Gerd" as possible issues. I think the meds make him throw up more and he's dizzy and ornery (I would be too if I was dizzy) he also sometimes gets a mask like face which can also be a side effect. Tomorrow we go to do a upper GI tract x-ray on him and Thursday we check his weight again. So... He didn't sleep good while we were camping which means Gary didn't and I definitely didn't sleep well. I felt bad because we were camping with friends. We thought in the future a bigger tent might help so someone getting up to go potty wouldn't wake every one else in the tent up. So Gary and I were surfing last night looking for a decent tent with decent price. We came across this.... You have got to be kidding me!
Who sleeps like that? Just imagine it. My head at two people's knees, or am I not supposed to move at all when I sleep? We're talking about people here, real live people, not Mummies even if the people are in mummy bags. And they call that a six man tent. Call it a 4 man tent with space for gear, not six man. The Kelty brand seemed like it was a fan of strange sleeping arrangements. We we just cracking up. It is so dumb.


  1. ha ha ha. that is pretty funny. any marketing goes when you're trying to make money i guess? ha ha.

  2. that's one of the most ridiculous things i've ever seen. and this is really the way the COMPANY came up with for sleeping arrangements? geez, do these people never camp?!

    as for your little zurich...i hope everything gets squared away! i'll keep y'all in my prayers!

  3. The six man tent was funny :). As far as Zurich goes, we'll pray for you guys that's gotta be hard for you and him... Love ya.