Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I got my hair cut last Thursday. I cut off 13 inches in braids... That goes to Locks of Love, what I am I going to do with the extra hair? Seriously. And for your viewing pleasure...

We went with Gary's parents to a wedding reception of my mother in laws best friends from Ireland, (her son). So we got some pics in front of our temple. We even did the "Gary Dance"The next day we went to Castle Valley Pageant. Olea got to milk a cow, we got prairie diamond rings and Olea and I got Ringlet ties in our hair. I don't know what is behind us... freaky looking personage though.
Gary was really surprised that he liked my hair cut so much. I like that I can flip it out or under and it works both ways. Olea then decided that she wanted her hair short too. I cut hers on Monday. I trimmed just a little off and asked if that was what she wanted, "No, Mommy I want it not to touch." She motioned to her shoulders. "I want it like yours." Ok. So I braided it off and chopped. She thought this was sooo cool. We cut off 6 inches in braids. The last few days she has been all surprised and pleased that it has been so easy to comb out. I gave her a slight A-line, not as drastic as mine. And I congratulate myself on it laying quite perfectly!
I'm a deer!


  1. I'm LOVIN' your hairs! (Plural hairS meaning that I love both yours and Olea's cuts.) How nice that the Loughmiller women look good with both short and long locks!

  2. Not only do you get a fun change, but you did something for someone else. You both look great! I should have done that with my hair that I cut. See, you are always setting a good example.

  3. Cute family pics! Cute haircut! Cute lil Olea with matching haircut. Cute everything!