Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Read this on Morgan's blog, it's a good one.... Here are my blanks filled in.

I am... an artist, and a poet, I am ready to admit that and deal with people's opinions.
I think... most when I am going to sleep.
I know... God loves me, that He listens and cares.
I want... time to slow to my thinking speed, my ability speed, and my enjoyment speed.
I have... joy.
I wish... medical bills would disappear and that I could stop creating them.
I hate... people who like to make babies but who don't take the time to love and raise them. And unalterable past, like forgetting an appointment, or reformatting a back up drive... that I needed.
I miss... my husband when he is gone.
I fear.... falling, heights,
I feel... whimsical and light.
I hear... worse than I wish I could.
I smell... my baby and my husband.
I search... for gratitude at each day's close.
I wonder... what my children will face, and what they will choose.
I regret... original womanhood, chivalry, and the loss of world virtue.
I love... my Gary and when I can make him laugh.
I care... about taking time to enjoy life, to watch it in it's splendor, to remember the blessing it is.
I always... stay up too late.
I am not... unwilling.
I believe... that all things work out in the end... I just have to work it to the end.
I dance... with my kids, or with my husband in the kitchen and I remember that I am exactly where I want to be.
I sing... when it strikes me, usually when I am alone.
I don't always... exercise, but I try.
I write... journals in many forms, for my kids, for myself, for my marriage, for reference, for fun, for gratitude.
I win... when I wake up every morning and re-decide to be in love, to be happy, to be a mommy, to live, and to be married.
I lose... track of time.
I never... want to be complacent or loose my "poetry" again.
I listen... for baby coos and 4 year old crashes, and the garage door.
I'm scared of... my husband dying young, having to raise kids by myself, and being unable to do the things I love most.
I read... mostly teen fiction and children's books.
I am happy about... my life as it is now, and every day.

I tag anyone who takes it upon themselves to be tagged.

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  1. oh i love it!
    thanks for sharing!

    glad you figured out the blogger stuff!