Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday Tell all -School Days

A School memory.

hmm Here's a good and a bad.

I remember second grade my teacher was super ornery. I don't know why she was still teaching. I remember she totally railed into a kid in my class and it totally freaked us all out. It was the beginning of the school year, not a good way to start the year. I know a bunch of kids started crying even though they weren't the one being yelled at. She did it in front of the whole class. It was horrible.

In third grade I had a great teacher. I also had a crush. The coolest part of it was that he had a crush on me too. It was all pretty cute, he'd give me gum and little gifties and we'd sit together when we could. I remember the last day of school we were outside to take a picture (the building was being torn down that summer) and just before the picture was taken he stood up and asked the teacher if he could sit by me. Can I tell you how special I felt?


  1. I enjoyed school while I was there. All in all, though, I'm glad I'm done.

    By the've been tagged! (The one called Quirky Me)

  2. To answer a couple of your questions: no, Aaron's not a big fan of kitties with pink bows. I was hoping for some sort of reaction from him, but I think he still hasn't seen that post.

    Also...this one dates back several posts...concerning my fuel door. Goose thought about fixing my original fuel door so I wouldn't have to deal with any sort of mis-matching, but it was screwed up enough (bent and weak, etc.) that Ryan decided it'd be better to just buck up and deal with the mismatching. I totally planned to get it taken care of this paycheck, but what with the ticket and new tires, it just ain't fittin' in the budget. :(