Saturday, October 4, 2008

girls, boys, contests

Yesterday we hung out with some friends for the evening. We always have such a good time and everyone gets along so well. Olea has oodles of girls to hang out with and Zurich has his buddy McCord who is two months younger. Love the American flag waving Olea. We had the two mobile boys corralled in the living room so we could chat without having to run after them. Gary thought this was so funny.Zurich likes to swing. No, he loves it.

I just finished submitting a piece to the International Art Competition for the LDS church. Why do I do that? Why do I ever enter any contests? I'm used to disappointment. I guess part of my need to enter this contest is something a friend's dad said to me once. He was waiting for the day he'd open up the Ensign and see my name on an art credit. This is likely YEARS if not eternities off... but I still feel the need to shoot for it everyonce in a while. I had hoped to make a more recent piece but nothing came and so I entered the one I had originally planned on. I'm not even bothering to cross my fingers to be on the online exhibit. I don't even want to count how many contests I have entered with my photography, poetry, painting, drawing etc. Granted, I have won some awards, some are pretty cool. But more often than not, I'm just not spectacular enough. I can handle that it's a fact of life. But I've been given tallents, and I'm supposed to share those right?


  1. Good luck, I can't wait to hear the outcome.

  2. YES!!! share share share!
    good luck! i wish i had talent like yours!

    i LOVE that you corralled your kids in!