Saturday, November 22, 2008

A ways away

We're not home. I really like home. I have everything I need and can do whatever the kids and I desire, till Daddy gets home... then we just sit around and wait for him to dictate the evening, it works out pretty well... so being a way: That makes for some changes. But it's been good.

Gary's mom and I left the kids with Grandpa and went shopping. As those who stop by my blog will know shopping is typically on a have-to basis. Shopping with friends is not something I get to do very often. So after our little trip. I think I would like shopping more if I did it with friends... and not always just me juggling tasks and kids. Gerry and I had a lovely time. I have a hard time letting her buy anything for me but I gave in a few times. :) We window shopped and also picked up things we did and didn't plan on. I guess that's the danger of shopping. I finally found some little clips that I have been looking for that work as the best binki clip I know. I guess I haven't dilligently looked for them before, but still it was a bonus to find them and not have a bunch of the plastic name lanyards that go with them. We had good talks and fun times. I do like hanging out with her. She's got such spunk and is easy to talk to. I appreciate her honesty. I was sad to hear that Zurich didn't take his expected nap while we were gone, but appreciated the break and the time with Gerry.I also like having a laptop. This makes me feel more at home. I like computers. It's true. I brought along my crocheting and tatting. I finished a little mini bear cocheting pattern I have been working on. The other night we were like two old ladies in our jammies crochetting and knitting. It makes me smile. We went swimming at a mineral pool yesterday. Zurich was grumpy due to fever from immunizations, lack of sleep and freaking himself out over water by dipping his face in the tub earlier. But we enjoyed ourselves anyway and all looked like bums when we went into Arctic Circle afterward for lunch/dinner. I haven't worn a one pice bathing suit for years, always shorts and tanktop style. There are a lot of things you can't hide in a one piece. Thankfully I am always the one with the camera, rather than on the other side of it.

Then Gary and I went for a motorcycle ride on his parent's Venture. Fun stuff. Good thing they had leathers we could wear, it was cold out. Olea went for a ride too. The helmet makes her look so cute. Zurich and his great uncle Ross who has downsyndrome had a fun game of bat and ball.


  1. looks like fun.

    i'm totally with you on the whole one piece suit not hiding anything... ugh.

    are you vacationing?

  2. It looks like you had a great time with family. We get to see family next week in Tooele. Happy Thanksgiving!