Wednesday, November 19, 2008

too much make up = wreckless driving

the other day i was driving. this happens on occasion. I was in the car pool lane. I notice a car behind me weaving and correcting within the lane. she was following too close too. I notice that she is driving as a second thought to putting on her make-up. A LOT OF MAKE UP. From where the carpool lane starts in provo area to exit 289. I was shocked. I kept waiting for her to hit the barrier or another car, i was glad when she passed me only to resume her makeup ritual in front of me, glad because at least I could choose the distance between our cars and anticipate a stop if she got in an accident. Yet, I was intrigued, how long could this go on? How much more makeup could she put on? At one point the question arose... did she even belong in the carpool lane? I don't think so. She did have a carseat in her back seat, but it seemed to be rather unoccupied as I have a higher vantage point in my van and as she passed me I got a pretty good look. This should be considered wreckless driving and if an accident happend because of it she should be charged with it. Same goes for people who tailgate. For those wondering it was at least 35 minutes and 30 miles of make-up. If you wear this much make-up, I'm sorry but there is DEF a problem.


  1. Makes me want to punch people right in the nose...

  2. Some people just don't think. Utah has the worst drivers.