Monday, November 10, 2008

Disgruntled fan

TECHNICAL WARNING: the following post consists of some rather simplified technical complaining. Do not read if you don't care.

As a graphic designer/ photo editing fanatic... I have to be a fan of Adobe software. I am. However, I have been frustrated with Vista and Adobe compatibility issues. The new compy I got for my design business came with Vista... blahblahblah. Thankfully my amazing husband got Adobe to tell us how to install CS2 on Vista... According to the tech support people I have talked to since about other issues: THIS IS A MIRACLE. Sure I should upgrade, I guess they just came out with CS4...anyone want to pay for it? Anyway, everything worked, except the PDF printer/ distiller, whatever it's called. This is frustrating as I rely on it quite heavily. I have hoped I would find a solution that was feasible... It's been a search, I'm sure someone smarter would have gotten to a solution sooner, but I just couldn't believe that if we got the rest of the suite to work that the printer wouldn't. I've looked on knowledge base, forums, tech support etc. It won't. So It guess if I had Acrobat 8.1.2 that it would work. I have 7. I can't supposedly upgrade just one component and buying it independently is too expensive. So I found It's a free pdf printer. I haven't completely tested it out but the fact that I can customize a watermark over the pdf is useful to me. I usually use pdf printer in word and internet browsing. YAY that this works. Also, you can choose to save as jpg, png etc. It's got lots more options than just pdf which is handy. So I'm bugged that Adobe won't help me, but maybe it's my own fault for not having the thousands of dollars it takes to upgrade. :P In the mean time I am glad I have found a FREE pdf printer that works with Vista 64 bit. Bless the freeware and shareware souls out there who are smarter than Adobe, and more loving too. Here is a preview for your enjoyment.

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  1. Lol. I didn't understand most of said that was simplified? Do you know the complicated version? Brent would be impressed - he's so tired of trying to explain computer stuff to me, hahah.