Saturday, November 1, 2008


We enjoyed Halloween this year. Last year was very lack luster, as I was on bedrest and Olea was with her Grandparents. We didn't even have one trick or treater last year. So it was nice to have a good fest of it this year. We went to a pumpkin carving party at a neighbor's the week before.

For Halloween we all dressed up in theme. Olea was Little Red Riding Hood, I was Granny, Gary was the woodsman carrying around a cyote carcas as the wolf. Zurich was a squirrel which we were told was fitting with the new version of Little Red Riding Hood, where the wolf has a crazy squirrel friend. So YAY. For those who have seen the squirrel costume you may notice some modifications... as Zurich is substancially bigger than Olea was.

Olea was a trooper and filled her basket full. Zurich hadn't had a nap that afternoon but must have been mesmerized by the festivities because, though it was well past his bedtime he was pleasant and smiley the whole time. They both enjoyed a few of the spoils before going to bed.
Olea was really mad at Gary for this: She went and pouted on the neighbor's lawn. She eventually got over it when we said we were going to use the potato head one for dinner in a pumpkin. That sounded fun. It was quite warm and just a sprinkle of rain here and there. It was nice not to have to cover costumes with coats. I was alarmed though at the amount of kids who didn't dress up, all they had were their pillow cases. What a crock. If I didn't think they would egg my house I would have denyed them candy. That's the fun of Halloween! Dress up for All Hallows Eve Sakes!


  1. Those are such cute costumes. I especially love the little red riding hood. What a good idea.

  2. awesome costumes! you guys look great!
    happy halloween!

  3. What fun! Your kids are just so dang cute! I like the theme idea...a LOT.

  4. your guys' red riding hood themed costumes are so cute :) How fun!

  5. I love your costumes! What a great idea.