Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The new Politically correct terms

I am really bugged by politically correct stuff. Such as changing "he" to "he/she" or to just plain "she." "He" worked for me. I understood that in the English language it was the gender neutral when it was used that way. I was fine being lumped into the "he" category because I understood it wasn't demeaning or whatever the complaint is. It was a simple way to include every one under Mankind. However, thanks to the feminists I now have to read literature, magazines etc, that use "he/she" or "she" instead. She is much more specific. I can't read she and think of the possibility that it can be a "he" because we as humans are MANkind not WOMANkind. I'm good with this. I like the respect it allotted me as a woman. However, it's a real stumbling block when I am reading and it says SHE and it doesn't mean she it means, HE or SHE you know the way HE used to work.

So to appease the complianers out there who think that HE is discriminatory... I propose a new term. You take your pick: hesheit, or sheheit. The second sounds a little less mean. Though I personally take a lot of humor from hesheit. Obviously, I had to include IT so I didn't leave anyone out. I don't want some bi or some androgynous person complaining in the future you know?


  1. There you have it; this post is just one more reason I love you so much. ("You" meaning YOU, Coretta.) I have the same issue with he/she. I've never had a problem with being lumped into the "he" thing.

    I love that you were able to do an entire (HUMOROUS) post on the subject.

    Oh yes, I am. :)

  2. Coretta, I love it you are so great at saying how it is and making me laugh in the process. I agree totally with you. Camie