Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If this is your ancestor... I apologize

So I was going through our pictures for the year for some people I love and ran across this... It was in a historic house we visited up in Ophir Canyon. For sure this is a man! but wait... look around the house... it's hereditary. So she sold Avon. The bottom of the frame had engraved in it, "100 AVON." If a "sheheit" showed up at my door looking like this trying to sell me Avon I would deney even a free sample. I apologize if this is a relation to anyone out there who happens to read this post. I think I am pretty safe though... Gary and I were just astounded... that it was for real, and that they for real put it up in the house. That is some brave lady. I understand I have been blessed to be rather decent and normal looking. I didn't realize what a huge blessing this was... until 100 year Avon lady.


  1. Holy crow! She sold Avon?! She must've had a killer personality! And when I see that she, in fact, had a HUSBAND...?! Makes me wonder how on earth that could've happened? Heh heh.

    As you can tell, she is no relation of mine.

  2. I'd like to amend Ms. Orgill's statement, the lady in question is in fact related to Gina, by marriage. Please take down the photo of my aunt Zita, and the disparaging remarks.

    Just so you know - she was a wonderful Avon lady, and quite the thespian. She was the understudy for the role of "The Wicked Witch" (stop snickering)in the Wizard of Oz.

  3. hehehe So I was like, why do I know EskimoBob...? I don't think we ever met but I saw pictures and heard about you. Thanks for a fitting comment... sorry Gina. At least he said it was by marriage and claimed her for his own family. :)