Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it ain't no baby... it's a monster

For someone coming in the middle of all this... well confusing I suppose.
quick recap:
After I had my baby I went in for postpartum visit and complained of abdominal pain. After an ultrasound they ordered an MRI with contrast dye. Then a CA 125, another ultrasound, then AFP-serum tumor marker, Quantitative HCG and LDH. Only the AFP was elevated, and I don't know what it means other than I suddenly MUST have surgery by the cancer specialists, rather than a reg doctor to have the mass removed.

I asked for a print out of the last ultrasound I had. The tech looked at me like I was crazy. Well heck, it ain't no baby but I still made it. :) It shows multiple cysts surrounding a mixed tissue mass. The combined mass is about 7-8 cm in three dimensions. A normal ovary is about 1-2cm. The MRI couldn't distinguish my ovary from all the other stuff. Looks like I will be loosing that one.

I have my surgery consult next wed and hopefully the surgery after that and the end of the month. I feel a lot better knowing that finally we seem to be getting somewhere... at least so far as getting this pain causing mass out of me.

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  1. Oh geez...that's a lot of stuff they had to do to find that little monster and determine what it was. Yuck! I'm glad that it'll be taken care of sooner than later, though...I'll keep you in my prayers!