Monday, February 9, 2009


I thought not having to pay 50 for a Prevacid prescription was awesome. But even better... I got it for free today. What with the "Trial card" from Tap Pharmaceuticals and better insurance. I am happy to be heartburn free for 0$.

So my dear friend just had her little baby girl a week ago. I saw my friend the Wed before she delivered (Sat) and gave her a little knitted hat to take her home in. She was like, "I'm not due for 2 or three more weeks." "Still I want to make sure you have it since we're going out of town this weekend." And poof she has the baby. Glad I finished the hat in time.:)We were both pregnant with our boys at the same time as well. Except I delivered 2 months before her... now here she is delivering her sweet Karrynn two months before me. Suddenly these last months seem like I am totally getting ripped off. :) This was her first early baby too. Go figure. I'm excited for the two little ones to meet again. This time it will be her big baby next to my fresh one. Here is Zurich two months older than fresh little McCord. Saturday I decided to make my favorite cookies. (peanut butter) The kids helped. Zurich really likes having his shoes on and will bring them to me after trying unsuccessfully for a while to put them on himself. Zurich just stood against the counter the whole time eating chocolate chips while Olea and I balled the cookies and baked.This week we put hardware on the kitchen cabinets. (ignore the messes we were in the middle of the project...)
After (subtle, but I love it) I took the chance to have Gary finally switch the direction one of the cupboards opened... a year and a half wait for 2 screws!!! Ah but it's done now and it is lovely... and in the mean time he did finish our basement so I'm not REALLY complaining. :)

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  1. Your kids are so darn cute; I love the pic of them standing on the bench at the counter from behind.

    I also like the hardware in your kitchen. I really do.