Monday, October 19, 2009

The dolphin

you know the sound it makes when you clear your throat?
Zurich does it and it sounds like a dolphin or something, it's so dang fast.
It cracks Gary and I up.
take a gander:

Olea and Gary went on a date last week.

Olea was SO excited. She decided she wanted to get all dressed up. When Gary saw her like that he figured they better go somewhere nice for dinner. Olea kept saying, "this is so beautiful" and she was pleased that they still had chicken fingers and french fries at a fancy restaurant.
After they left I was looking at the picture, they totally match. Cute.


  1. I absolutely love the daddy daughter date! I can't wait until Ella is old enought to get excited about that! I love one on one time with either of my kids though. It seems to be so rare that I treasure it! I guess adding more kids just makes it harder and harder!

  2. Ha! I love the dolphin sound, that's totally an accurate description! Also, TOO CUTE with the daddy-daughter date night. Serious cuteness...

  3. That's gorgeous (the picture -- the video may play for me later).

  4. Coretta,
    Valerie Porter. Remember me from Orem? I saw your name on my preschool blog followers and thought it was you but couldn't figure out how to see who you were and then I was on my husband's brother's blog and saw you again!

    Looks like you have been busy lately! 3 kids! You almost have caught up to me. Were at 4 and I think that is were we will stay. You can visit my family blog at It would be fun to hear from you!