Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Gary came home last night and laughed with pity.
Can you do that?
I suppose you can
he did.

Olea had to stay home from school since she had pink eye. And sadly enough she was moaning the fact that she already had a 4 day weekend.... lets make that six baby and we'll stay indoors too since it's crappy weather and you can't go anywhere with pink eye.

Lets bump it up a notch.
Monday I broke a toe. I will refrain from posting a picture since toes are DISGUSTING even when they are clean and perfectly manicured.
And I got pink eye shortly after Olea, in both eyes. I guess it usually spreads to both eyes. Olea has it in both eyes this morning too. Last night Zurich was trying to step into Gary's shoes and lost his balance and smashed his upper gums against the shoe rack. Ya, we all look totally abused.

But at least Genève, Zurich and Gary don't have pink eye. And we have antibiotics and Olea is getting better at singing her ABCs as she washes her hands. Hopefully we'll have life back to normal soon.

Gary said we were "so cute," with our matching pink eyes.
He got pictures but that's not going to be posted here either.
At least I beat Gary on Guitar Hero (borrowed) last night over and over in Face-off even with goop in my eyes... lets leave out the fact that he was playing a level harder than I was.


  1. oh no! Just the way life goes sometimes. Hope if perks up soon. The sun is shining in my neck of the woods today hope it is for you too!

  2. Wow! So sorry about all the crud!! I hate breaking toes. They hurt F-O-R-E-V-E-R!! Not to depress you or anything:) Hope your family has normal colored eyes soon!! Let me know if you need anything this weekend!!

  3. ha ha. you are awesome, pink eye and all.

    we've had our own share of crud around here and i'm sick of it! i'm crossing my fingers that pink eye doesn't come home from kindergarten here.

    hope you feel better soon!