Friday, October 23, 2009

getting old and crotchety

I don't hide my anger or my irritation well. Especially lately.

Today I let the kids play in the leaves after picking up Olea from school. I live in an area where property is shared. There are plenty of rules to keep the place nice.
Sadly, there are a number of people who either think they are above the rules or are lazy or something... anyway....
So, the kids are using the rake to relocate the leaves, and discover feces, due to a dog owner who has let their dog and their three year old run free for at least the last hour. The three year old starts whining and screaming because the dog is biting his hand. I start rounding up the kids, because it's apparent mom isn't coming to her child's aid fast enough and I am not going to deal with a snappy dog. Finally mom calls from an open window and the kid runs inside, leaving the dog outside. I figure surly the dog will not be left out so I let the kids continue to rake in an area feces free. I hoped at first that mom would hear me telling the dog to go home (since her window was open) and come get her dang dog or at least the kid would let him in the house, so I was still trying to enjoy the nice weather with the kids, when it became apparent that no one was going to fetch the dog. I have a baby tied to my chest and am trying to gather our stuff and the kids into the house and the dog starts testing the water with me and my kids. I keep telling the dog to go home and stay away from the kids, but he thinks Olea's stick is a game and keeps going to her. Zurich is of course undoing what little progress I make with gathering book bag and coats etc, as well as trying to get close to the dog, because he LOVES dogs and doesn't understand why I keep telling him "owie, stay away, no touch."
The front door is open and Zurich is inside and I am trying to get Olea to put down her stick long enough to take the scooter from me but she is wary of the dog and wants her weapon, when lo and behold the neighbor comes to get the dog. Ten minutes...
By this time though the dog is on my steps and I can't get around her to my own house as she calls and snaps at her dog who is trying to get around Olea and into the house....
Long story short dog gets in my house and the neighbor asks, "can I go get him?"
"You better."
She chases the dog and gets it out and apologizes saying that he's a baby that's why he's not being obedient and that she's so embarrassed. I am so annoyed I don't say anything. I'm not going to pretend that I don't mind that your animal that pooped on the lawn 5 minutes ago and peed down his leg is running around on my carpet. I'm not going to pretend that I am not irritated. I can't.
Seriously, your pet and your child were unattended for at least 45 minutes, that kind of stuff irritates the Hades out of me, esp when you know your dog bites.

So I am sure my neighbor thinks I am a snotty lady. I don't care.
Take care of your stuff, your kids, your animals and all their forms of feces.

I do like some of my neighbors. In case you were wondering.
and I don't mind all dogs or their owners. We do have some neighbors that are exceptional about taking care of their animals. And I even like, nay, love some dogs.
Cheer up, self, here are some pictures of the kids enjoying in the beginning.


  1. Some people. And their animals. And their children. -Actually, I feel for the neglected child, even if it wasn't all afternoon...

    PS I love that you used the word "crotchety." That's a great word.

  2. Just cruised all of your blogs. You are so talented! I think I remember you were into graphic arts. Love your tatties too!


  3. So sorry the pleasant afternoon was cut short. It is a hard thing to deal with. Your kids sure look cute though:)