Tuesday, October 27, 2009

halloween breakfast

Gary said, I can't post what I created last week. He has a good reason. Maintain surprise
factor for certain peoples who may or may not look at the blog....

So I'll post our fun breakfast instead. Sometimes I am a nice and fun mom.
I got this idea from my friend Cyndi who calls it Eggs in Toast.
She used a mason jar lid when we did it. I rarely make sugar cookies and Sunday morning
I remembered that I had Halloween cutters and decided to make use of our morning thusly.
Step one use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of bread

Step two butter bread and shapes and place on skillet... this ancient thing is well loved.
It's a waffle-maker with the small squares, for some reason they don't make them anymore...
and crack eggs into the bread holes salt and pepper. I also salt the hole before cracking the egg into it.

Step 3 cook and flip when ready. also flip the lid shapes, buttering them before flipping (grease baby)

Step 4 put lids on. Cute.


Don't worry, there was fruit and stuff too. Just not for the picture.


  1. "sometimes i am a nice and fun mom." you crack me up. i like this idea; maybe this is a utah-valley thing? when i was living there a few years ago doing my internship, the family i lived with LOVED this for breakfast.

    of course, i'm certain your favorite part is...the butter. :)

    zurich looks excited about his!

  2. we did the same thing on Saturday! We call it egg-in-a-hole and we love it!

  3. Like we are totally judging you for not having fruit:) More like we are feeling guilty for making our kids get a bowl of cold cereal for themselves.

  4. I love doing peek-a-boo toast like this, but I've never put the lids back on. And your shapes make it totally cool.

  5. Mmmm. That looks like a yummy breakfast idea! We need to hang out again soon! :)