Thursday, August 19, 2010

County Fair

I had been warned. However, I was still shocked at the size of it. It was TINY. It was like an 1/8th of the county fair I grew up with.

With all that has been going on I wasn't very prepared. But Olea had her painting from the Freedom Fest all framed and ready to go so I took that down and some photos and tatting I had.
Apparently, I'm not a great photographer (knew that) but I'm good at Tatting and Olea is a fab painter (knew that :) ).
So Monday we get to go pick up our prize money and ribbons. Fun.

Kiddies liked the small selection of animals too. Nev would say "woah" at every new pig pen and she really wanted the bunnies and guinea pigs.

Last night was dollar night, so all rides were just one ticket, "just one" dollar. It worked out since any more and it wouldn't have been worth it. The kids all had a good time, the weather was kinda crappy, but there were no lines so that is always nice. :)

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