Monday, August 23, 2010

Cut it

Today we had to pick up our county fair stuff, so I tried to coordinate a visit to Aunt Kendra at the Paul Mitchell school so Olea and I could get hair cuts. Thankfully it worked out. I just got a trim since I haven't had anything since I last cut it back in, oh gosh.... um December of 08, wow, that's embarrassing.

Olea had decided that she wanted hers long so it could be like "Hannah Montanah" hair. So we went in under that assumption. Kendra comes to me (I was up front with the babies) and says, "Um, she wants it short." I was totally good with this since Olea and I have major fights over brushing her hair, and I don't want to worry about that for school. I said, "Ya, just do what she wants." (Wooo what liberties I am giving a six year old!) Apparently, she saw a lil gal across from her with a similar cut and decided it was awesome.
The process

Thank goodness for suckers!


Ohh that Kendra is good! Thanks so much Kendra, and thanks for the suckers, the babies might not have survived. :)

And we got home in time to show the MovingVan estimator around the house. Go to Meet the Teacher, and a neighborhood bbq, and I got to go running. A successful day.


  1. Moving van estimator?....does that mean things are moving along or are we just still checking things out?

  2. Your kids are adorable. Also, I love Ojo's hair, long or short.

  3. Yes, what liberties you gave your 6 year old. I had a little 5 year old come in that wanted her hair short like Olea's and her mom said "I'm the mom. I have to put your hair in a pony tail so it has to stay long." I thought....well if it's short, then you don't "have" to put it in a pony tail. ? She was way mad at me because apparently it was "1/2 an inch too short". (it was pony tail possible...but no that easily haha) the little girl was happy, mom mad.

    I love the pictures. What little kodak kids you have running around! Glad it all worked out! Thanks for coming!

  4. She looks so cute with that short hair cut!! I want it! What is a moving van estimator??

  5. Andy, since at some point we will be moving across the country we plan to pay a van line to load and move our stuff. So a moving van estimator is a humanoid who comes to walk through your house, snoop in your cupboards and guess what things weigh and then send you an estimate of how much it would cost to transport a load that weighs x from point a to point b.

    Kendra, I owe you a dollar.