Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quiet book

Back in the day I made a quiet book for my first baby. I made it with expansion in mind. It currently has a pedigree chart type page where they insert pictures of ancestors in little plastic pockets. A girl whose hair you can braid (leather strips for hair), shoes to lace and tie, a flap lift page with Noah's ark, and a shape matching page, and an apple tree picking page with a bucket pocket. The kids love it. Over the years I have had ideas for more pages, but haven't gotten around to it.

But the other day I started working on an expansion page for the quiet book, because I had an urge.
I find that my fabric markers I had have all dried out. I guess it has been three years or more. grrr

Olea requested a mailbox page. Other than the flag on the box the rest of the page is sewn.
And with Olea who will soon need to learn time, and Zurich who loves clocks in mind, I made a clock page. Feeling all smart about how it turned out, except for the verbiage (because of the marker situation).

I need to find the pieces I pre-made, but haven't yet laminated. I can't so far. I have plans for a Golden plates page and a closures page. I also need to print out new pictures for the pedigree and get them laminated, since we have two more children since I first made it. Olea's picture could also use an update.

I should probably share pictures, but I need to go feed children now.

So instead, I will share what I did take pictures of: what the two older kids did while I worked on said quiet book page.


The realization that Zurich is old enough to do this without it being a major stress to me is very exciting. He painted his train (left over from conference weekend) and then I pulled out a mini canvas, that I had plans for... but needed something else for him to paint (his other trains were in the room with the sleeping baby). His end result over two days painting on the same canvas is pretty cool. Zurich's on the left, Olea's on the right.

Then Zurich's black one, which we will let him work on some more, and Olea's bumblebee (the canvases had pre-drawn images on them, Olea chose to follow hers. The painting below is one that Olea painted, that was pretty cool, then she painted on it again, and I was kinda disappointed because she over did it, she should have let me know she needed a new canvas. I need to buy more canvases.

How can I get so stressed with finger paints, but acrylic paints are not such a big deal? weird.

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