Friday, August 27, 2010

Quiet book addition

With Gary off hunting I have spent more time in the studio than I normally would. However, recently it's been my sewing room. So here are pictures of the quiet book. These pages are at least 3 or 4 years old. I made them with the idea of longevity, so far things have held up really well and have been well enjoyed.
Front cover (the kids LOVE the clip) my oldest grafittied on the top corner

Pedigree page, pics come in and out of clear plastic pockets and can be stored in the red envelope. The pockets have the individual's names underneath that you can see when the pic isn't in it.

A pocket for the shapes and velcrow places to put them.

Pick the apples and put them in the basket

Lace and tie the shoes

Braid or play with the leather hair, also black ribbon to tie bows

Lift the flaps page with Noah's Ark, I used specialty buttons for the animals and the rainbow (under the cloud)

And here are the NEW pages I mostly completed and added to the book tonight. "Mostly," because I still can't find the bag of stuff I need to laminate. So I did what I could without them. Because of that I changed my idea of what to do with some of the pages.
I ended up doing a Jonah and the whale page. It still needs the right verbiage on the page.

A weaving page, where you weave the strips to make the bed, the pillows are positionable too. My Olea loves patterns so I thought this one would be a fun challenge for her.

Mailbox missing the flag (laminated piece) with two pencil slots, the pink envelope holds paper

Hickory Dickory Dock Clock page. The hands move over a thick clear piece of plastic (the kind people use to protect their wood tables). The pendulum was an afterthought to make it with my jewelry stuff to add a different feel and interest. Mouse and attached ribbon can be stored in the pocket at the base of the clock.


  1. I love your quiet book pages! How did you make it expandable? I've been meaning to make one, but I get stumped on how to let them use it NOW but still be able to add to it as I'm able.

  2. Expandable options:
    I did buttons on the inside cover, so each spread has two button holes to lock in, this way I can always separate the book between the three kids so we don't have a fight over it in church. You can kinda see that on the pictures with the apple tree and the shoes. My pages are filled with stiff Pellon instead of cotton batting (about 1/8th inch, you could do thinner) so there is about 3/4 inch between the two spreads where there isn't any Pellon where I sew the buttons/ button holes, so it's more flexible there. I have also seen people do rings that open and close.