Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer's end: Baking

Today was math/ baking.
I've had a hankering for peanut butter cookies. The last time I made them we didn't have any crisco. (Canola oil is not the right substitute.) We had crisco this time... But no eggs or milk. We had dried eggs and powdered milk. It's not quite the same and I didnt have time to go to the store....But there are a number of baking problems I have had since moving: I don't know where to get the yeast I am used to, I have no idea how to adjust for proofing and flour usage due to elevation and humidity changes, my ovens cook hot and uneven. But even with all that, today was a baking project.

The kids love to help in the kitchen. I suppose you could say that I am not that confident or talented in the kitchen. I cook from scratch, I cook from cans or boxes, whatever fits the day and the need. I do not love it. It is not a hobby. It is a necessary task. So it is hard for me to let the kids help because that always draws a project out and I'm just trying to get the job over with.

However, Olea has been very impressed with a friend of hers who can bake stuff all by herself. So feeding off of her interest I had her read the recipe and gather the ingredients and the appropriate measuring utensils. She mixed up the dry egg and got things ready I helped keep her focused as I made dinner. We were to have the missionaries over tonight.

When everything was gathered we called Nev and Zurich down to help. They each took turns measuring and putting in the ingredients. As I have mentioned before, gathering all the ingredients is a big help and a major stress reducer.
They love to scream when the mixer is on.
I do not love it.
But I can't stop them so I let them have at it.
They had a good time and the mess was minimal. Success!
The cookies were pretty good too. But I need to make them again when I have all the right ingredients... And milk.

(As a side note, dinner managed to turn out pretty delicious too. But now that I have been in the kitchen for pretty much the last 7-8 hours, I'm done.)

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  1. i'm a terrible mom when it comes to baking... poor ellie has to learn these skills SOMEWHERE. you are inspiring, coretta:)