Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer's end: Journal-ish

When I started this I said I wanted the kids to journal every week. All things need flexibility in my home. With that idea we played with stamps today. The kids love stamps and ink pads, they are always to hard or too many hands and it is a rather stressful event for me. However, it wasn't so bad today. Though when Olea couldn't finish at the same times as everyone else and I HAD to leave the room to attend to the baby and the phone and lunch.... Nev dumped the entire bottle of embossing glitter. I was able to salvage most of it.

I let them each pick a neon piece of paper and then stamp, color or sticker their papers. These were to be their journal cover pages. The end results are nothing fancy to look at but the kids had fun and that, my friends, is the beginning and end point of all this. Nev mostly used stamps and two sheets of stickers sometimes layering the stickers. Zurich used stamps and black colored pencils. Olea was all about the curly letter, floral stamps and gold.

Zurich started talking about the fun things we have done so I wrote down on the back of his paper the things he said. I asked him about the activities he didn't mention so he has little journal entries on the back side of his paper.

Olea was very interested in the glitter gold ink pad I have. She also liked the glitter I wasn't able to hurry and dump back in the jar and tried to glue it onto her page. Her paper doesn't even have her name on it which was the only directive (besides don't smush the ink pad so hard) I gave them.

When they were done, we put them in plastic sleeves in a binder.

We did a bunch of side projects today too. Olea typed letters to some of her cousins and friends. And off and on I prepped for tomorrow's project with off and on help.

The kids were so excited to get letters in the mail today. They LOVED the stickers. It's funny to see their different techniques to get the envelope open. Zurich: letter opener
Olea: carefully so as not to damage the sticker seal
Nev: obliterate the envelope somehow leaving the contents intact

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