Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer's End: Epic Dental Fail

I had plans today. Good plans. Due to a number of things last night I didn't get to sleep till 3am and so consequently Gary, who planned to work from home today, got up and took care of the kids this morning while simultaneously trying to work till I woke up at 11. After lunch and feeding the baby it was time to go to the dentist.... At 2:45 I was ready to hand the kids off to Gary whose appointments would be complete and have my visit and be home in an hour or so. However, when I got there Gary still hadn't even been seen. So here we are with our circus of four children in a very boring waiting room.... NOTHING to do at all (they got bored of the toys in the diaper bag very quickly) and then to sit around waiting for the dentist and then sent back to the waiting room for hours to wait for the hygienist. Gary and I kept trading kids back and forth. When Gary finally saw the hygienist he said, "oh you got kids." Gary explained that he wouldn't have them if ...

Gary left at about 4 with all the kids. They had been really good all considered but Gary got a glimpse into my world and felt like a circus freak.
I was still waiting.
I knew they were running well behind as Gary wasn't called back till an hour and a half after his scheduled appointment. So I was trying not to get pissy and impatient. But after running out of Tatting thread and my ipod battery dying I had little patience left. Knowing full well that Gary was likely going crazy at home with the chillins. "My appointment was over two hours ago, is there any chance of being seen today?"
"oh he called you back. He had your chart." "When?"
"About 45 minutes ago, we figured you went home with the rest of your family."
... What?! You just figured, you didn't come into the waiting room to find out, or call a phone number that I spent my beloved time filling out on the chart? Or raise your voice or try again or anything, you just figured.
"I was here the whole time, I haven't gone anywhere. Does he have a soft voice or something? I was waiting, I was listening." I heard everyone else be called back.
So he took me after his "5:30" apt. I got home at 7 pm to a very hungry baby, frazzled husband making dinner and bored/hyper children.

But my teeth feel awesome.

So today what did we do? All of my cool plans aside;
Spin on the dental chairs for fun.

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  1. Oh wow. That sounds bad. Kudos for keeping your temper.