Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer's end: read-a-thon

Yesterday, included in our shopping trip was a trip to the library. Olea got her very own library card. She has been asking for one since we moved. Super exciting stuff. I tried to direct her to books that she could read easier and faster to get her excitement back up. She is known to boast about being able to read chapter books but I have yet to see her actually finish one that she picks out.

Yesterday we also purchased more candy than one should ever have available in their home at any given time ever.

Today I had the kids get their pillows and blankets and pick a sucker. Olea and I took turns reading books to the younger ones. I was proud of her, she does read well. She also likes to pan the book for all the audience to see the pictures. Zurich and Nev kept trading suckers.

We read through a pretty good stack of books. Calling it a read-a-thon also upped the coolness.

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  1. A spoonful of sugar never works for us. It's always a wheelbarrow full and then we're happy. Sounds like a lot of fun. You are a good mama :)