Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monster Tumor perhaps

We had surgery consultation today. I like the guy he was nice, listened well and explained well. You could tell he was busy but still gave me more than the time of day. I have heard good about his surgery skills as well. Not sure on his skills with numchucks... but I don't think I will be in need of that.

He said he doubted I had cancer but more likely a Teratoma, (don't look up the pictures on the internet... it's nasty... we did that right before dinner, bad idea). The name basically means derived from Greek: Monster Tumor. A good description. So we'll see what he finds when he gets in there Monday. It was funny he was basically going over the possible scenarios and started to ask it was wanted time to think about it, and cut him off, "Oh no, we've thought about it for a few months." He was saying two weeks out and Gary asked him, "You do it up in SLC too right?" I told him where we live it's basically the same distance either way so... And so Surgery is Monday the 24th. I've never been so excited for a surgery. Silly I know.

Tonight I made a quiche, a French dish. Lovely eggy and cheesy. It takes a while to make but it's worth it. Especially if you don't go cheap on the cheese. And really, why would you go cheap on cheese. Cheese is the food of the gods... hmm Going back to the Greek I guess.

Oh, so over the St. Patrick's day weekend, yes, I am giving it a whole weekend, Gary's parents were down and I made us Irish shirts, since Gary's mom is. That's what the picture is. You can't really read it prolly, so I will tell you. "I'm with Irish" My father in Law, who obviously is married to my mother in law who is "I'm Irish". Zurich and Olea are "I'm quarter Irish" and for those who are mentally impaired, or I guess mathematically, like me, the shamrock is only filled in on one leaf, hence quarter. Gary is "I'm half Irish" and I am "I'm with Irish." Which Gary pointed out could mean I am impregnated by an Irishman... However I don't think we can really call the tumor a pregnancy, or blame it on my half Irishman. :) We wore the shirts to Disney Princesses on Ice. I'm feeling all loved that everyone humored me so.

ps Aaron you are welcome to leave comments. :) Special invite. ohhh


  1. Telling me NOT to look up teratoma makes me want to do it real bad. Even if I end up regretting it, I'll probably do it. (I'll make sure it's way before or way after I want to eat).

    Your Irish shirts sure are fun, you clever girl.

  2. were right. I shouldn't have looked up teratoma on google images. I hope all goes well with your surgery on Monday, and I pray that they get that monster out of you quickly and easily!