Thursday, March 13, 2008

Twiddling thumbs

Maybe I'm the only one... but I only hit my thumbs together when I try to twiddle them. Now the word twiddle sounds dirty to me.... hmm moving on.

Gary should by in an airplane now flying home from a short business trip in Louisville KY. He was pretty excited to get Olea a baseball bat (Louisville Slugger) with her name on it. The fact that she is a girl doesn't phase him, and I love that. She is turning out to be quite a little athletic princess. After we got off the phone I considered the fact that he has a son now and still he likes to get things for Olea because she can love them and play with them now.

Olea is finishing watching "Sailor Moon" Heaven forbid I have to watch it one more time. I promised I would watch it with her one night in an attempt to get her to bed, it was successful but tonight she wanted me to watch the forbidden Anime with her again. I can't. I just can't. We are taking it back to the library the first chance I get. I negotiated the Barney video out of the bag before we went to check out but couldn't win on this one and as Zurich's teeth (or lack htere of) were making him rather fussy I was in a hurry to get out of there.

Even though I am all day without Gary it seems different during the day when I know Gary is out of town. I find myself mentally twiddling my thumbs. It seems rather worthless to make a decent meal since Olea won't eat it and I don't feel like eating lately. It's just not worth the effort.

So, Olea finds ways to entertain herself, this includes putting her crown on Zurich and dancing for him while I was preparing my Sunbeam lesson. Heaven help me. Thankfully my Olea who is a Sunbeam is a good girl at church... but not in my class.


  1. Beautiful babies, Coretta! Seriously, that Olea is so adorable, and Zurich is a babe!

    Oh yes, and I have tagged you as well. (Ask and you shall receive!)

  2. PS I love the way you word things. It makes me smile inside, and it makes me miss you too. Also, I think it fair I should warn you that Aaron may stop by and leave comments on your blog. He likes to do this with some of my USU friends who he knows. And I'm teaching him to blog this weekend. :)