Tuesday, March 4, 2008

rear end

I have never been pulled over. I have never been in an accident... till yesterday. Although thankfully it was not really anything to speak of, I still was rear ended. I was annoyed though because the guy seemed to be taking advantage of the fact that I was a young mother, female whatever, he didn't get out of his car for the longest time... was still on his phone (as he was when he ran into us). He seemed to be trying to convince me that I didn't need to get his info or anything because, "I really thought I missed you... I don't see anything wrong" etc. Well we felt it and we heard it. I don't handle things like this all that well and was grateful for my little tracfone. I called Gary and in a panic, " I just got rear ended, what do I do? He's not getting out of his car!" To top it off I was a block or so away from where I was going to a doc apt to find out my results of a CA125 cancer protein screening test and was already going to be late. (We live way far away from the office now that we moved).

The CA 125 ended up being normal but I still will have surgery since my mixed tissue/ cyst is not going down. Anything under 35 is normal, mine was 17.8. I am waiting to hear back from the doc on who will actually perform the surgery, a reg OB GYN or cancer OB GYN. I am so ready to be done with the whole thing and be a functional person again.

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  1. I don't handle stuff like this very well either. Glad that Gary helped you through it. This other guy sounds like a...ah...jerk. Or something. (I'd love to use a stronger word, but I won't). It's really infuriating.