Sunday, October 19, 2008

Case of the Exploding pants

So I've had this pair of Capris for over a year or two. I rather liked them... The other day I was wearing them. They have pockets with pleats on them and they often catch on things, cupboard knobs, my license plate, and other random assortment of things. They have fared just fine till Saturday. Gary was calling his parents and mentioned something I was supposed to Email to them, I got up from my compy to go get the camera and my pants caught on the knob of the compy desk and the capris EXPLODED! It ripped a clean rip from crotch hight to below the knee. I couldn't believe it. So Gary starts laughing as I stare in utter disbelief at my beloved comfy capris. May they rest in peace. I mined the buttons and the ties off them since I do random sewing projects and those things are nice to have on hand. Gary thought this was rather smart of me. I like to think I am smart too. ps
tired of my bg not stretching all the way to the edge of the screen... so I picked a new one. I am sure you all are proud of me.


  1. that's so funny. I had a pair of pants that that happened to. When you find a comfy pair of pants they are irreplaceable.

  2. That's funny. When I read "case of the exploding pants" I actually thought one of your kids had the runs or something; this is much better! -If you want to feel better about your capri situation, go to my blog and find "MOAB" (pix/commentary) from last November. Oi...