Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's WAR...

Did I mention that we have gnats? We have like 16 house plants in our bedroom. We have tried to get rid of them before. We had lots of plants in our other place and no problem... so what's different? I think we got some cheap dirt and lucky us.... gnats. This last problem, or shall I say breed is DRIVING ME CRAZY. They fly up my nose at night... and buzz around all day. We have put nursery grade pesticide in the plants, put up fly strips etc. Today I will pour ammonia down the drains and put apple cider vinegar traps out. Gary also found some gnat spray, fumigate type (which made our room stink for a week, windows open and all). What really got me going though, as annoying as they are was not the flying up my nose or buzzing around my head and landing me... well it certainly added but more recently one of the plumeria that Gary brought me from Hawaii that was flourishing started to go black and die... The larvae had completely eaten the thing all up. I lie not, I was near to tears... I was so angry. Gary of course tried to comfort me, it was just a plant and we can get another plumeria... true, but this one had sentimental value. I am all about sentiment it seems. Besides the little Dung lovers KILLED it. It's WAR! We've looked on line for how to get rid of them, talked to nurseries etc. We'll get them this time....I hope.


  1. sentiment is a good things. gnats are little devils. the end.