Friday, October 10, 2008

Kids page update Videos

Olea rides her bike

Olea with her ChainSaw (a piece of wood) while camping, this was not her original piece of wood which hand handles and such like a chainsaw, she was pretty upset when she realized it had been put in the fire. I thought this was so cute though, too bad I didn't get video of the best chain saw log.

Zurich learning to sign... not scream.

Zurich tickles

and Zurich and his push cart


  1. okay so i have a huge favor!
    i couldn't find an email address anywhere on your blogs or a way to contact you so i hope you get this!
    my grandpa passed away yesterday. we are currently trying to find a picture for his obituary and have had poor luck. we found one pic of him smiling that is fairly recent. only problem is, the shadows are horrible, the color is horrible and he needs to be cropped (his head)
    if you get this comment, and you have the time and the desire to help, i would be extremely grateful!!!
    the catch is i guess... that we need it before monday morning...??? is that even possible?
    hope you get this....
    and when you do, will you email me?



  2. CUTE!!! And I'm totally going to teach my kids sign language - and Brent's going to teach them Spanish.

  3. CUTE KIDS! What else can I say, really? :)