Monday, October 6, 2008

Opinions NEEDED

Ok friends and neighbors, readers...
I need opinions. I do photo editing. I have some examples on my other site but I need to know what is a reasonable charge for normal people who have a picture that they wanted fixed. Here are some examples of fixes I have done... Just so you know, I actually can fix them, not like some people who say they can and it looks like they cut scraps out of magazine and glued them together. No offense.

For these kinds of fixes: What would you pay? What would be a reasonable asking price? What would it be worth to have a picture fixed?

#1 This one the bride wanted her slip not to be in the picture... Left is original right is fixed. #2 This one was two family pictures (top and middle inset) which had good and bad of everyone between the two. She liked the top picture best but a few people had eyes closed (me) and kids had funny faces. She wanted the best of the two put together. Also the first one had warmer tones and looked better overall. The one on the bottom is the edit. The little snips to the side are the major issues she wanted fixed in the picture. Click for larger view.
#3 Vingnette and contrast fix. This one was to match a stylized photo that the photographer had originally done, but she wanted one to match with her and her daughter too. #4 Engagement photos, no one wants a pole growing out of their head... and come to find out they wore the wrong colors... so they wanted an after the fact wardrobe change to match the invitations (which I did)These are all from the same batch because they were currently the easiest ones to find on my computer. I do this kind of fix all the time though. But I can't keep doing everything for free, as much as I would like to. Help me know what is fair.


  1. I am sorry I can't offer an educated guess of pricing for these types of things but I just wanted to say...You're good :)

  2. wow. awesome. can you clear up skin? i'd pay a lot for that.
    i'm not great on pricing either, never thought about this particular service before....
    nice work!

  3. :)
    Yes, I can and do often clear up skin, we all need that right? I mean a picture we're going to display in our front room shouldn't have a zit on it, or what not. Skin smoothing is sometimes more time consuming but can be done with happy results. The one I just finished was a family picture where I took a few red marks off the husband's face, shaving nicks, zit etc.