Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sports Junkies

Gary and Olea, at least he watched the baby and the TV at the same time.Recently my little sis got engaged. She told me her engagement story, at one point she was relating how she was telling her fiance during a game they were playing that she loved him so much that she would let him watch football, and even let him teach her the rules so she could watch it with him. My response: OH! you got yourself in trouble there! eheheh but that's me.

My husband played football in High School. So generally one would suspect he would be a sports watching fanatic. However, I lucked out. He's not against watching sports, he'll do that with friends, but he's not going to leave me hanging out in the kitchen by myself to run off and couch potato the rest of the evening, usually. I appreciate this SOOOO much. It's not that he doesn't like watching TV, he does. Everywhere we have lived previous to this house had cable as part of the rent. Currently, we don't get any TV at all so he does a lot of reading. Not a bad thing. However, it looks like that may change. We got our Digital TV converter coupon so we will be getting one of those and I hear all we need to get local channels out here is a Digital receiver after that. So we probably will. I say it should be a family Christmas present, becasue I am the type of person who gets more joy out of prolonged anticipation than instant gratification. However, Gary is not. He told me last night he is vetoing my decision to wait till Christmas for using the converter. :P He was going to go pick it up today. I wanted to do some research first, brand, cost etc. Since there are options...

So back to sports... even when we do get some form of TV I don't expect him to fall into sports addiction, becasue if that was going to happen it would have during the first 4 years of marriage when we had cable. This is at least comforting. :) He watched his fair share of TV, don't get me wrong.

So you can gather from this post that if I had married a guy who was a sports junkie, I would be severely regretting my decision. Thankfully, my Gary and I are made for eachother and he's not a sports junkie. I know there are women who have no problem with men like such, and good for them... I'm just not one of them. I'm also not the type of woman who watches soaps or talkshows. I've really enjoyed not having TV. The only thing I miss about it is the kid shows. Because sometimes I need something new for Olea to watch so I can, oh I don't know, Shower.

It's funny though how people are so appalled that I don't watch TV... or that I don't watch news etc. They seriously act like I'm deprived. Self deprivation is a choice.

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