Monday, December 8, 2008


After a disappointing session with a professional photographer my sister and I got together to take bridals that actually looked like her. It was a good time. Esp since her and her fiance and I had a little secret that our chauffeur didn't know about. Our chauffeur was my mom. Her fiance against all "rules" was there to keep her alive, or at least real. He kept saying stuff that I wasn't even hearing since I was taking the pictures and had my mind on that and it worked to make her laugh, embarrass her or frustrate her. It was pretty funny. There is a great shot of her making her mad face at him. One of my sisters commented that he will likely choose that one to frame and put in the house. EHEHEH
And I think she will have something to display at the reception that pleases her... and looks like her.
More will be on my deesign blog when I finish going through them.


  1. Holy crow, I can't believe Kendra's old enough to get married! You did a great job, by the way. So talented, you are...

  2. I could totally see that you are sisters. What a beautiful bride. What a lucky fellow. We hope you are doing well! Life here is crazy. We just put an offer on a house, we will see if they take it.

  3. Pretty pics! I like her dress :) It was fun seeing you and your cute kids today :)

  4. oooh! what a cute umbrella too! I love the blue. Great photos!! Oh, and btw, Addie would love to come to your party on Saturday. Great timing because the older two just got to go to a party on Monday and she was crushed she wasn't invited!