Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reindeer and snow

Real ones, which are much smaller than I thought... after seeing some at Thanksgiving Point (free by the way for cheapies like me).

Our fake ones: Thanks to Brittney for this fun craft idea. Gary even participated in making them with us. I love having him home on Friday. Bet you can guess whose is whose. After Zurich went down for a nap we took in some snow time. Olea buried Gary... with some help and we made a flat snowman since the snow was too dry to build an upright one. Snow angels too. On the way back in Olea had her hat pulled over her eyes to "keep my eyes warm" hilarious, I think.


  1. How fun! We actually got snow in the desert. I thought that was fun! It would be nice to have a little snow for Chirstmas.

  2. We still need to take Maddie out to play in the snow. We have a great coat for her but no snow pants yet lol. I like the picture in your header :) Very cute!