Monday, December 29, 2008


My wee baby sister got married this weekend. I claim the little angel. I love this picture. Gary held Zurich up and my dad snapped it... his flash doesn't work so it was a little shakey (my camera broke... or more specifically my sd card got fried, it is a very sad/frustrating/depressing thing for me, I was stressing over it most of the day.Lets not talk about it anymore other than to say: Gary loves me and ordered a set of three new ones today).

I suppose it's obvious she's not a baby anymore. It was a lovely wedding and reception and now I just wish them the best as they start their adventure.

In the mean time we have been staying at my parent's house, Olea has been a doll she loves being here and the new things she experiences. We picked up a little snow shovel her size and she has made it her personal mission to dig my parents out... there is a lot of snow here. My mom's dishwasher is broken and so Olea has volunteered to do dishes and loves it. Right now she's working on shoveling the front step, after cleaning of the "park" (swing set) and widening the parking area a bit too.

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